Metal collectors help Brookport get back on its feet


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

BROOKPORT, Ill. - Compassionate volunteers have flooded Brookport over the last few weeks to make post-tornado clean up easier on those who lost it all. But there's also been an invasion of "scrappers"; people who collect scrap metal illegally and selling it.

City officials have said that people are taking the metal from private property and selling it without the property owner's consent. However, there are some metal collectors who are not only obeying the law, but are trying to help Brookport get back on its feet.

Even with half the cleanup finished, there is no shortage of scrap debris. Gutters, aluminum siding, and mangled metal by the truck load.

Andrew Cook and Dusty Baker came from Paducah to lend a hand. They sell scrap metal and use the majority of their profits to better the community.

"We take a little bit of money out of there, flat tires if we have them," Baker said.

The work is grueling, but necessary to get this community back on its feet.

But not everyone is scrapping the right way. Picking up a piece of scrap metal on private property is illegal, but if you are ten feet off the property line, you're welcome to pick as you please.

Cook believes, at some point, everyone is called to serve.

"This happens... I think God chose the time for me," Cook said.

And he says he and Baker couldn't be happier to lend a hand to his neighbors.

If you plan on collecting scrap metal in mass, it is a good idea to let law enforcement know, so you aren't questioned.