National survey: Kentucky's judicial climiate in bottom third


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

A new study conducted by the U.S. Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) ranks Kentucky's legal climate in the bottom third among all states.

The study gathered responses from executives who influence decisions about where companies will create jobs.

“We have a lot of strikes against us when we are trying to convince companies to bring jobs to Kentucky,” says Doug Alexander, executive director of the Partnership for Commonsense Justice, a non-profit association dedicated to promoting fairness and excellence in Kentucky's legal system. “The fact that business leaders perceive Kentucky's judicial climate as one of the worst in the nation is one of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome in economic development.”

The speed and efficiency of a state's legal process is one of the areas cited most frequently as influencing perception of a state's judicial climate. It is also the area in which Kentucky received its lowest ranking (44th) among the 10 specific areas measured.

Participants in the survey came from a national sample of more than 1,000 in-house general counsel, senior litigators or attorneys and other senior executives at companies with at least $100 million in annual revenues. Seventy percent of respondents reported that a state's litigation environment is likely to impact important business decisions at their companies.

A PDF version of the full ILR study can be found here.