New contract at LBL creates concern among some workers


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

PADUCAH, Ky. - A new contract awarded at Land Between the Lakes is causing concern for some workers there.

Late last week Envirosmart was awarded the bid to contract the maintenance work. The South Carolina Company beat out the current contract holder Swift and Staley which is out of Kevil, Kentucky.

Union workers told Local 6 they are concerned the new budget will mean job cuts which will effect tourism.

Envirosmart's Program Director Michael Costa said it's too early in the transition process to say one way or another about jobs.

"I have no idea the staffing levels that are out there now, so I can't tell you if there will be less workers or more workers than what's out there now," he said.

He added that they have intentions to keep the workers they can because they will need to rely on local personnel.

Union workers met independently this week to talk about the options they have depending on what the new company decides. Costa said they will meet with workers very soon to talk about the future because they understand the uncertainty is uncomfortable.