New information in Evrard murder


Web Editor - Jay Marchmon

PADAUCAH, Ky - Public court files reveal multiple details about the final hours of Cosandra Evrard's life, including the deep cut to her neck, and the knife investigators found by her tarp-wrapped body. These details are part of the case against Mark, Jamie and Jasmine Taylor, who are charged with killing Evrard.

Evrard, 21, of Lone Oak disappeared Dec. 10. McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden discovered her body off Wilmington Road in west McCracken County the next day. The Taylors were charged with murder and kidnapping after a special grand jury met in the closed McCracken County Courthouse on Dec. 23. Mark and Jamie Taylor are also charged with tampering with evidence.

Sheriff Hayden clarified information in the court records. He said Evrard was told she was going to the Taylors’ home for ice cream and a celebration for Jasmine Taylor getting out of the hospital.

“The real reason she was brought over there was for a confrontation,” Hayden said, declining to say what the confrontation was about.

Hayden said Evrard and Jasmine Taylor had been friends for years.

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