Peaceful protests for Trayvon Martin


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

CARBONDALE, Ill. - Dozens of people gathered Monday evening in Carbondale to express their feelings about George Zimmerman's acquittal and Trayvon Martin's death.

People who feel Trayvon Martin was killed in vain are standing up to what they say is an unfair justice system with signs, peace marches and protests.

Their voices could be heard for blocks in Carbondale.

They pleaded for justice through protest.

"It just seems unfathomable to me that a kid on his way home could be pursued by someone in a car, that got out of the car, instigated an altercation with him and then shot him," said protester Marisa Winegar.

"This could have been my son," said another attendee Nancy Maxwell.

It hit home for many mothers and fathers who say they now fear for their children as they walk out the door each day.

"Even though multiple people are shot every day, it's usually an arrest made, an investigation done," said Maxwell.

SIU law professor Bill Schroeder says that is just not statistically accurate.

He says there is one reason there has been a frenzy surrounding this case.

"This is not a particularly note-worthy event until the media blew it up and it got totally out of control," said Schroeder.

While people of every color made their frustrations known Monday, Schroeder says the system did exactly what it was supposed to.

"The system is not about quote doing justice. Justice would be bringing Trayvon back. That can not be achieved," said Schroeder.

He says the real injustice would have been convicting a man whose crime he claims simply could not be proven.

Schroeder says from a law standpoint, he was impressed by the jury of six in Florida.

He says with the media-hype this case has stirred, there was a lot of pressure for them to convict Zimmerman.

He says the jury stayed focused on the facts of the case instead of succumbing to pressure.