Police officer and his dog share strong bond


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

UNION CITY, Tn. - For Union City, Tennessee Police Corporal Brandon Adams, his German Shepard Brok is more than his K-9 companion.

"it would be real different coming to work without him.  I've got two other pets too and they're all my kids," said Adams.

After feeling a lump in Brok's leg, Adams said he first thought it was an ACL tear, but tests would reveal it was cancer.

"I had my daughter with me.  I had to keep it together for her.  Got home, told her to go inside and pretty much lost it," he said.

But Brok pulled through and five days after doctors removed his left hind leg, Brok went back to work. "He came out.  Ran to me. Buried his head into my chest like he was hugging me," Adams recalled.

Brok is one of two K-9 dogs at the Union City Police Department.  The city paid $5,000 him, but Adams said Brok paid for himself within a year, tracking down drugs and drug dealers.

Brok will have his first chemo treatment Monday.  His vet says it's just precautionary to make sure his cancer hasn't spread.  Adams says Brok will make a full recovery.