Police say area coach had sex with middle school girl


PADUCAH — Accused of having an inappropriate relationship, a coach finds himself out of a job and behind bars. Meanwhile, others are shocked.

A Paducah man who coached girls basketball is cuffed and taken to jail.

Police say a local mother told them she discovered her 14-year-old daughter was in a relationship with the coach and that the two even had sex.

Paducah Police arrested 27-year-old Sammy Montgomery Monday afternoon.

He faces third-degree rape and first-degree sexual abuse charges.

Paducah Schools Superintendent Randy Greene said Montgomery coached at Paducah Middle for about a year but also volunteered at Paducah Tilghman High School for nearly two years.

Police interviewed the 14-year-old and she said they carried on a relationship for several months and had sex about a month ago.

When asked about the issue, the school superintendent said "innocent until proven guilty," but Monday, he also wrote a letter to the coach letting him know when he bails out of jail, he won't have a job waiting for him.

While Sammy Montgomery only coached part-time, police said he did take time to develop a relationship with a teenaged female student.

Monday morning, police said a local mother learned her daughter was involved in a relationship with the coach and called the school.

Greene said the principal told the parent to call police. She did and so did the principal.

Police acted quickly, interviewed the student and arrested Montgomery.

Greene said the allegations and arrest shocked him.

"It's terrible. It's terrible. It breaks your heart that anybody would even think about something like that," Greene said.

Montgomery also volunteered as a Paducah Tilghman High School softball coach. While in jail, he'll get a letter from Greene himself.

"It mentions the arrest and it mentions the details for what he was arrested for and it mentions his contract was cancelled," Greene said.

Doctor Greene said Montgomery was only a part-time coach. He wasn't a teacher.

Greene also said all school employees and volunteers are fingerprinted and undergo background checks before they're allowed to work with students, meaning Montgomery had no record of anything like this when Paducah schools hired him.

Greene said in addition to writing that letter, he wants to sit down face to face with the coach and discuss the allegations.

Greene said he wants to find out the truth.

Local 6 reached out to Montgomery and offered to do an interview behind bars, the McCracken County Chief Deputy jailer said Montgomery refused.

Montgomery is lodged at the McCracken County Jail with bond set at $10,000.