Post office to stop Saturday delivery, business owners concerned


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

CUNNINGHAM, Ky. - Soon we'll all find out what we'll have to do to make sure our payments and important letters get to where they're going on time, when Saturday mail ceases in August.

The postal service is taking drastic measures to save money.

The postal service is tens of billions of dollars in debt.  This move will likely save a few billion dollars, but local business owners worry about how much the move will cost all of us.

Mail means money.  A lot of folks likely waited until the last minute to send a check in the mail trusting these trucks will run Monday through Saturday and thier check will get there on time.
As of August, that changes and so will the way local companies do business.

Graceland Portable Building Manufacturing and Financing is one of the largest companies of it's kind.  Thousands of bills go out each week.

But Graceland call center director Houston Gaither said lots of customers don't pay on time, so they get notices in the mail and then a phone call.

The call center is one of Graceland's busiest departments and Gaither said it'll get busier when Saturday mail ceases.

"If that would've gotten here Saturday, we won't get that now till Monday, then this could mean the difference between a late fee or not having a late fee," Gaither said.

Even with a name like Graceland, Gaither said forgiveness can only go so far.

"We give our customers a ten day grace period," Gaither said.

Post office customers like Wayne DeWeese aren't that concerned.

"If I don't get it on Saturday I'll get it on Monday," Deweese said.

But Gaither said once the changes are in place, and delivery delayed, everyone will notice a drastic difference.

Under the plan the USPS. will keep package delivery on Saturdays. Local 6 asked about medicine delivery because many people get prescriptions in the mail.  A spokesperson said the postal service will work with pharmaceutical companies to make sure meds get to patients even on Saturdays.

The local union rep says it's unclear who will lose there jobs because employees just found out about the changes Wednesday morning.  A postal service spokesperson said they'll work with unions to ensure a smooth transition. 

A postal service spokesperson also tells Local 6 mail addressed to P.O. Boxes will continue to be delivered on Saturday.  Those folks who have a P.O. Box, will continue to get Saturday mail.