Production doubled at uranium conversion plant


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

 LEXINGTON, Ky - The Department of Energy's DUF6 project, which employs about 200 people in Paducah has doubled its production from 2012. 

The plant was originally designed to operate for up to 25 years, but is now expected to take anywhere from 18-30 years to convert the uranium enrichment at the gaseous diffusion plants.

The DUF6 Project was initiated in 2011 to convert the nation's 800 thousand metric ton inventory of depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) to more benign forms for sale, ultimate disposal, or long-term storage. 

The president of Babcock and Wilcox Conversion Servicess LCC (BWCS) says that for the past 30 months, they have been "ramping up production and adjusting and modifying the plants and equipment to determine the rate that can be safely sustained in continuous operations... we will be adjusting systems to increase reliability and availability, which will account for the increased production."