Propane customer claims he was ripped off


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus

LYON COUNTY, Ky.---How much would you pay to keep your family warm during these frigid temperatures?

A Lyon County man is outraged he had to pay more than six bucks per gallon a few weeks ago from Ferrellgas. He says he was gouged, but the company says that's just not the case.

He says he didn't know the price until after the gas was put in his tank.  Liberty Fuel charged 3.09 per gallon on Friday, and Fortner is charging 3.69. If you buy from Southern States, you'll pay 3.24 for a gallon of propane. Ferrellgas was 4.38 per gallon.

At 76 Fred Miller has seen a lot.

But he never thought he'd see a bill for more than twelve hundred dollars for propane.

"18 hundred dollars for 200 gallons is ridiculous, that's above and beyond gouging, son. That's criminal and they should be put in jail for something like that. It's ridiculous," Miller said.

A Ferrellgas Spokesperson said his company is not price gouging.

He said prices are wildly fluctuating because of record usage this fall, cold weather nationwide, and some major pipelines are down.

"It's a situation that is not unique to Ferrellgas, it's an industry wide issue," the spokesperson said.

Miller still feels ripped off.

"That's just a large amount of money," Miller said.

He also filed a complaint with Attorney General Jack Conway's office.

They received a handful of complaints about Ferrellgas. Most of the complaints, however, have been about U.P.G.

The office can only investigate price-gouging claims when there is a declared state of emergency and the price gouging law is triggered. that hasn't happened.

Propane companies are honoring their prepaid agreements with customers.
in many cases companies are only offering a limited amount of supply.