Racer basketball greats see old friends, new facilities at Murray State


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MURRAY, KY-- For Racer basketball greats like James Singleton and Popeye Jones, finding the time to return to their alma mater can be difficult.

"Our lives, we all go separate ways, and we don't get to see each other you know," said former Racer forward Popeye Jones.

So when they got the chance to catch up at Thursday's Racerhoopalooza, it was special. It was even more special for recent graduate Jewuan Long, whose never had the chance to meet some of the guys whose names hang from the rafters at the CFSB Center.

"Jeff Martin, James Singleton, Popeye Jones, all those players got a big name here," said Long. "You always hear about them, so I'm excited to see everybody."

And for many of them, it was also a chance to experience something they never have before, the new facilities their success helped build

"It's not the same anymore, for one thing this building was not here," Singleton said with a smile as he looked around the Racers new practice facility. "You just see the progression and the advancements they've made through the university. Some things that I wish I had when I was here, are here now."

"That means the program is doing well," said Jeff Martin. "And the program is doing good, so as long as they're expanding and continuing to bring people out, things are going good."

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