Radio ad scolds McConnell on Affordable Care Act


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus

PADUCAH, Ky. - Scolding a senator for refusing to lead the fight.

A new radio ad asks us to send a message to Senator Mitch McConnell: stop funding the Affordable Care Act.  Those behind the ad want to put pressure on him by getting people to sign an online petition.

The petition asks the senator to pass a 'continuing resolution' to fund the entire federal government with the exception of 'The Affordable Care Act'.

A healthcare expert says that decision would impact all of us as patients.

In radio, every second counts.

The group behind the ad paid for 60 seconds, in a spot that will run over and over again.

"The Obamacare Bill stinks, and holding your nose won't make it any better," the ad said.

Their message is clear.

"Obamacare is unaffordable, unworkable and it's unfair," the ad said.

The Senate Conservatives Fund is calling on Senator Mitch McConnell and Republicans to refuse funding the Affordable Care Act.

"A lot of people will be offended by this because it's already been determined that it is law," insurance expert Jeff Holland said.

We showed health insurance expert Jeff Holland the radio spot's script.

He said if Congress stopped the funding before healthcare exchange open enrollment begins on October 1, the law couldn't be implemented.

"I think there are winners and losers on both ends," Holland said.

Holland said the 'dependent eligibility" provision for children 26-years-old and younger would stay the same, because it was already implemented.

The 'employer requirement' likely wouldn't be mandated.

New customers with pre-existing conditions likely wouldn't be 'guaranteed coverage'.

The group behind this ad  just want the Affordable Care Act stopped.

Local 6 reached out to Senator McConnell's headquarters.  A spokeserson had this to say, "Senator McConnell is a co-sponsor of the repeal bill, a co-sponsor of the defund bill, and has said that if elected majority leader getting rid of Obamacare would be the first thing on his agenda."

The spot runs for two weeks across Kentucky.

The SCF is also running ads across the country, urging senators to oppose funding the Affordable Care Act.

If you'd like to hear that ad in its entirety, click here.