Remains found at construction site; family members speak out


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - In a holding pattern. The City of Benton, Kentucky is waiting on a word from Frankfort before moving forward. 

This after discovering a casket and human remains at under a construction site adjacent to the Children's Community Art Center Wednesday.

Many of the Brandon's in Marshall County were laid to rest at The Thompson Cemetery, but recently the living descendants discovered not all of their relatives are there.

"I'm glad in a way to kind of know the history, get a little closer to it," 69-year-old Phillip Morgan said.

Morgan is learning about his great grandfather.

"He was John Warren Brandon, who we always thought was buried in the Thompson cemetery," Morgan explained.

But records show he's with five others buried at the construction site.

"Apparently he's still down on East 12Th street," Morgan said.

The discovery brings back memories for Morgan.  Memories of the family house built at the site in the mid 1800's, moved in the 1960's, and still standing today.

He also remembers stories about fallen family members like John Warren Brandon the second who died in the second World War.

It's that man's father believed to be buried on East 12Th.

More than a century later, Morgan is prepared to move any of his family members found here.

Now he has a story that'll likely live on after he too is long gone.

Benton's mayor said the remains will likely be moved to The Thompson Cemetery where the rest of the family is buried.  He says he hopes work at the construction site will resume in the next few days.