Retailers open for marathon hours until Christmas Eve


Multimedia Journalist - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

PADUCAH - As if Black Friday's extended hours weren't enough Kohl's and other retailers have opened their doors today at 6:00am and won't close until 6pm on Tuesday (Christmas Eve.)

"We needed to keep up with our competitors," says store manager, Kim Anderson."It works out too because several of our associates can stay on with us through the holiday and work overnights to stay home with their kids during the day."

This is the store's first year so they won't have anything to base their sales off of but they are optimistic that it was the right choice. However, will the expected heavy rain fall keep shoppers away.

"If the snow and sleet didn't keep them home I don't think the rain will either," says store manager, Kim Anderson. "We have some dedicated shoppers looking for great deals."

One other store in our region with marathon hours is, Toys R Us. They open 6 a.m. saturday and closes 9 pm Christmas Eve.