Retired WPSD employee publishes children's book


Marissa Hollowed
Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

BENTON, Ky. - Former Local 6 employee and current Telethon of Stars producer Charlie Katterjohn teamed up with a local artist and publisher to put together his first book. The book is titled "Raccoon Tales: The Adventures of Jipple, Japple, and Jepple, the Stranger and the Magic Can."

After retiring from WPSD in 2003, Katterjohn decided that the usual retirement activities weren't appealing to him, so he tried his hand at being an author.

Katterjohn's book was inspired by happenings in the author's own yard.

"I discovered these raccoons in my backyard and I befriended them and fed them for a number of weeks and wrote a daily journal about what was going on," Katterjohn said.

The children's book follows Jipple, the smart raccoon; Japple, the shy raccoon; and Jepple, the mischievous raccoon, on their adventures as they meet a stranger, Mr. K.

When Katterjohn came across the raccoons at his house, he says he noticed them acting skittish for a while before finally getting comfortable with him. He says that inspired the message of the book.

"They are actually trying to tell a story about, you should listen to your parents, listen to your mom and beware of strangers," Katterjohn said.

If you would like a copy of the book, you can find it on Amazon, Kindle, or