Some want Dunn back as MSU president


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

MURRAY, Ky. - On Friday, Murray State University's Board of Regents voted 7-4 not to renew the contract of current University President Dr. Randy Dunn.

Minutes later, a member of the board resigned.

Dr. Jack Rose says the decision was politics at its worst and he was not happy with the direction the board was taking.

Rose is not the only one that has a problem with not renewing Dunn’s contract.

“At times, it seemed like we had two presidents.  It's been unclear at times who was running the show,” said Faculty Senate president and English professor Kevin Binfield, adding the faculty was not a part of the decision.

He says Dr. Dunn and Regents Chairman Dr. Constantine Curris disagreed over the MSU Paducah campus, not necessarily the project but the process.  The personality clash between the current university president and the former president came to a boiling point last Friday.

“I'm like Dr. Rose.  I have to ask did I miss something?” Binfield said of the vote.

Dr. Jack Rose said the decision was difficult to resign was difficult.

“It breaks my heart,” Rose said.  “The last action we took caused me to realize there's probably nothing I can contribute at this time.”

But Dunn, he said contributed a lot, and that is why many are sad to see him go.

“Our loss is the gain of some other university,” Binfield said.

Binfield told Local 6 he does not want Murray State to lose Dr. Dunn.  Despite massive state cuts, he said Dr. Dunn had been a good manager of the university's money, adding he has not laid off any faculty or cut any academic programs. Binfield has called a special meeting next Tuesday with the senators to discuss the possibility of Dunn remaining on as president.

Dr. Dunn has not yet publicly commented on his dismissal.