Sowing hope for the hungry


Marissa Hollowed

Gardener Mike Mueller knows the importance of being self sufficient.

"I don't call myself a rich man, but I've never suffered. As a father, a grandfather, I can't imagine what it would be like not to be able to feed my children," Mueller says.

Seven billion people across the world are hungry.

"It's one thing to skip a meal, it's another thing to see no meals coming down the line."

Mueller knows he didn't create this problem, but it was weighing on his heart to do something about it. He created Hope Seeds in 1999. Hope seeds sends  a variety of quality seeds to third world countries. Hope seeds studies the climate, altitude and other factors to see which plants will do well where.

The seeds are organized into "family packs" of 10 different seeds. Volunteers scoop seeds into small packets. They have put together over 60,000 packs since they first started.

The group also sends along instructions for the people getting the seed.

Hope seeds will be sending 7,600 seed packets with Marissa to Kenya.

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