Spectators Flock To Bridge Accident Site


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky.---Some admit they're just looking for something to do, but others fear someone they love might be in the water.

Despite police and emergency responders' every effort to keep everyone away, curiosity got the best of some guys.

"I never thought anything this big, I guess, would happen in such a small town, I can't believe a barge hit a bridge," Phoebe Dawdy said.

Dawdy and her family jumped into their car, wanting to see a spectacle, they'll likely never see again.

"It's kind of cool in a way and not cool in a way, because something is damaged but cool in a way because nobody was injured or anything like that, so it was neat," Dawdy said.

'A huge cargo ship crashed into Eggner's Ferry Bridge. The spans totally gone,' that's what a group of Murray State students saw on Facebook. They drove their pickup past a locked gate and through a wooded campground just to see it with their own eyes.

"We had to come down here and check it out ourselves, it's nothing but 15 miles from campus," Student Brett Armstrong said.

Meanwhile police plea with spectators to stay away.

"This incident is very real and if you have no reason to be in Aurora or in the area of Kenlake don't come in," Kentucky State Police Trooper Dean Patterson said.

But more onlookers, managed to sneak past officials and take a peak.

"I was kind of surprised a ship that size was going up and down the river," onlooker Mike Chilton said.

Sharing the same sentiments of shock, the onlookers know it's a sight, and a night they'll never forget.

Police urge everyone to stay away from the area. As of now, sheriff's deputies, Kentucky State Police, and volunteers are blocking traffic and warning drivers the bridge has collapsed. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be putting up large barriers soon.

As of now, the U.S. Coast Guard also shut down all barge and river traffic.