Spraying for mosquitoes begins around local lakes


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - Pat Johnson and her husband are regulars at Marshall County's Lakeside Campground.  But, an un-welcomed guest is forcing them to spend more time indoors.

"I think I would sit out more if there weren't as many mosquitoes," Johnson said.

They aren't alone.  "People who like to camp, like to sit around the campfire and you just can't do that," said Gary Mardis. 

Mardis is the campgrounds dock worker.  He's been there for 30 years and says this year takes the cake.  "This is the worst year we've had for mosquitoes," Mardis said.

He's happy to know relief is on the way.  Planes, contracted out by the state's Department of Agriculture, are spraying areas around the lakes.  Grayson Brown is helping to spearhead the effort.

"We concluded the ground based equipment is not sufficient," Brown said.

Two years ago, he was doing much of the same throughout the state.  Brown said this year isn't as bad, but the work this go-round is more detailed because of the terrain in western Kentucky.  Other campers like Danny Fulmers are praying the spraying works so he can enjoy the place he calls his second home.

"I think it's really good because it's going to hurt your tourism if people come down here and can't sit outside at nighttime," Fulmer said.