State starts planning process of access road to Megapark


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

McCracken County, Ky.- Dozens of West McCracken County residents made their way to Concord Elementary Thursday night to get a first glance at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's plans for a new road.

The road is designed connect the proposed Ohio River Megapark to exit 3 of Interstate 24.

KTC Project Manager Mike McGregor said they are looking for the best engineering option that makes the most cost sense. As a result, the three options they presented would build a new road rather than redesign existing roads.

All three options start at the same point, the intersection of Old Cairo Road and 998. After that, they each take a different path across the land to connect to the park.

Terry Klop wasn't happy with any of the options.

"Any of the three options that they're looking at wipes us out," he said. "It comes through 120 acres of ground that we own."

He would like to see the state take another look at Noble Road or Old Cairo Road. He thinks both would make better options than building a new road.

Benny Hardy's property will likely be close to any of the options, but he said he's willing to work with any changes.

"It's a possibility that you'd be able to see it from my house, but that would be okay," he said. "Things change and the world changes. It will be different, but hey, if it's going to do what I think it's going to do, I'm still for it."

McGregor said they are still in the planning process, which is why they're thankful to get the feedback. They will continue to collect comments until July 12 at the District 1 office.

Construction is not scheduled.