Rebuilding a piece of aviation history


Multimedia Journalist - Julie Collins

OBION COUNTY, Tn.  - High school vocational schools expose students to all kinds of skills, but one local carpentry class is making something that will be preserved for a lifetime.

No matter the part or tool, students in Obion County, Tennessee have the right stuff. They have been working on a project that will retrace the steps of aviation giants for four weeks. They are copying the century-old plans for the Wright flyer to recreate a full-size replica of the Wright Brothers' 1902 airplane.

"It's really kind of amazing. It's better than building a dog house or something, you know," said Lance Conn, one of the students working on the project.

This will be the third replica in history to be built in America, but this project has done more than teach these students carpentry schools.

"The coolest part is how everyone has come together in such a short time," Conn said.

The school plans to have the plane complete in May. It will then hang in the Discovery park of America in Union City, Tennessee.