Suits 101


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts
Reporter - Mike Mallory

 Guys- whether it's a classy Valentine's date or a job interview, you want to look your best.

So it's time for a fashion class- Suits 101!

You've seen or heard the ads: 'buy a suit at regular price, get the next suit or suits free'.

Steve Shelby has been owner of Davis Clothing for 30 ears; he says that kind of sale is a gimmick, "unbranded suits can be priced any price they want to.  So they can mark it $600 even though it's a $150 suit and then give you 2 or 3 free."

Shelby agrees with the old maxim that you can buy a $1000 suit but if it isn't altered properly, it'll look like a cheap suit.  The fit is crucial.  
"Lotta times, they'll go to a larger suit to get the pant size that they need and that makes the shoulders too large." 
Shelby says men tend to underestimate their waist size and overestimate their inseam. He says it's not ego or comfort…it's more about their jeans. 
We men love our jeans and they are typically cut with a lower rise.  Dress pants come up higher.  So if you wear a 36 in jeans, you're probably going to need a 38 in suit pants.   
Next suit-buying tip: a classic 2-button in black, navy, or charcoal gray suit can last for years, especially when you constantly update with the right accessories. 
"Whereas a suit can look drab with a white shirt and navy tie if it's a navy suit, if you can get a contrast tie and shirt, it'll look more exciting and better." 
And men, don't be afraid to ask for help from the women in your lives.  Shelby says women know clothes - theirs, and men's!
"When they come in, they know the correct waist size, the know the inseam of their husband or son, they know the coat size.  They don't make-they usually don't make-mistakes."
Once you've got that suit, remember the button rule: it works for two-button jackets or three-button jackets: Sometimes... Always... Never.