Sunday's tornado took three lives, two in the same area


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi

BROOKPORT, Ill. - The Unionville Road area just east of Brookport took a really hard hit in Sunday's tornado.

All down the mile or so stretch of road, there are overturned mobile homes, snapped trees and piles of debris.

Two of the three deaths happened there.

Early on Sunday, Richard George's home stood on Unionville, Road.

Now, it is a heap of twisted metal and splintered wood.

Buried within the rubble are memories and he managed to uncover them.

"I'm surprised I found them but they got my kids all in ' little boys," said George.

George lost his sister-in-law in Sunday's tornado.

Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder says the mobile home Kathy George and her husband shared was picked up right off it's foundation.

"The trailer that was over here where the two cars are wound up on this side of the road," said Holder.


Richard George's brother is recovering in an Indiana hospital.

He does not know his wife did not make it.

"We didn't want to tell him because he's in such bad shape we didn't want him to have to go through that just yet," said George.

Less than a mile down Unionville Road, the second of three deaths took place.

Josie Bennet walked out of her home unscathed to find her neighbor's home leveled.

"I just threw my hands up...and I knew it was bad," said Bennet.


Both George and Bennet say reality has not quite hit.

"Something you hear about usually but it don't happen to you," said George.

They say they will grieve and rebuild as a community.

Kathy George's husband is undergoing surgeries in an Indiana hospital.

Neighbors say Robbie Harmon's girlfriend was also in the mobile home that was destroyed but she managed to escape before it was destroyed.