Thrifty Thursday: Treating sunburns


Web Editor - Ryan Burkett

When we're headed to the lake or the beach, most of us pack sunscreen, but sometimes we forget to apply it and get sunburned.

For moments like these, when an aloe plant is not around, here are six home remedies.

- Apple cider vinegar. Apply it to the burn with a cotton ball or make a cool compress. This will help prevent blistering and peeling.

- Tea. Brew some tea, then once it's cool, put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the sunburn. You can also take a bath in brewed tea once it has cooled.

- Oatmeal. Put some in a sock and tie it shut. While in the bath, squeeze the oatmeal milk on your skin.

- Cucumbers. Place peeled, sliced cucumbers on burned skin, then remove when they become warm.

- Baking soda. You can make compresses with baking soda or add it to a cool bath. Baking soda is cooling and will help retain the moisture in your skin.

- Yogurt. Apply cold yogurt to the burn. The coolness and fat will soothe the skin. Strawberries are also recommended, so strawberry yogurt should be effective.

Check out the video for more on these remedies for treating sunburns.