Boston Bomb Blasts: How you can help


Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

Our thoughts here at WPSD Local 6 are with those impacted by the events in Boston.  As Americans across the nation think back on what's happened, many want to help.  Below is a list of ways you can offer assistance to those needing it the most.


To donate to the victims of the Boston Bombings, click here.

Red Cross

The American Red Cross says it has everything it needs to help those affected by the blasts.  However, the organization has offered other ways you can give assistance.

--  Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time.  To help the Red Cross respond to those tragedies, you can donate by clicking here.

--  While they have plenty of blood now, they may need more in the future.  To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-RED CROSS or click here.

--  You can also help in an emergency situation, but you must be prepared.  Register for a Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED course by clicking here.

--  Download the free Red Cross First Aid App which puts free and simple lifesaving information in the hands of smart phone and tablet users. The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is also helping runners and families in Boston.  To find out ways to help, click here.

Boston Children's Hospital

Some of the victims hurt in the bombing were children.  Ten were taken to Boston's Children's Hospital. The hospital is updating its website with news as it becomes available. Follow @BostonChildrens on Twitter for updates.

The Children's Hospital website also has useful resources for guidance on how to talk to children after a tragedy.

To see those, click here.

Social Media

On Twitter, people needing or offering help are using the hashtag #bostonhelp.  Search it on Twitter to find out how you can help.

Better Business Bureau

Unfortunately, there are those that take advantage of others' generosity.

"Tragedies inspire people to give," said H. Art Taylor, president and CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, "but, tragedies - whether natural disasters or manmade catastrophes - also inspire scammers to take advantage of that generosity. Social media, in particular, makes it very easy to reach a lot of people quickly, when emotions are running high and people feel the need to take action, any action, to help."

One scam has already surfaced.  For details and tips on how to check the authenticity of a charity, click here.