Two of three work zones removed during holiday break


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photographer - David Dycus

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Drivers are getting a holiday break from the bumper to bumper traffic sections of Interstate I-24 this upcoming week.  Two of the three construction zones along I-24 will come down for the July 4 holiday driving period.

The McCracken County construction zone that runs from mile marker three to about mile marker ten is expected to come down Tuesday morning. The other work zone in Christian County that runs from mile marker 86 to mile marker 93 came down Friday morning.  It will stay down until July 8 to help the flow of traffic. However, the work zone in Lyon County will remain up during the holiday period.

Sha Satterfield said the construction on I-24 in Lyon County puts her back everyday. "Twenty minutes, at least. It takes me, used to take me 45 minutes, now it's taking me an hour and fifteen."

Unlike the other work zones along I-24, Lyon County's work zone will stay up over the holiday due to landslide repair near the 42 mile marker.

Public Information Officer Keith Todd said, "We have some subsidence along the edge of the interstate here at the Lyon County Riverport and that work is going to require the zone to stay up." Todd said this work zone is designed to get everyone through safely. "It's a good thing they're here, I just hate how they're here over the fourth of July," said Todd.

Todd said these crews are highly specialized and there are only a few of them in the country. The crews are drilling steel posts into the ground to help hold the soil in place to prevent a landslide. "This is what we would consider a permanent fix.  By getting this work done now, it will prevent further delays for the rest of the rehabilitation along this section," said Todd.

Some drivers do not seem to mind the traffic hold up.

Jim Blackburn said, "It slows you down some, but you have to give in to road improvements, so it's not bad."

Another driver Richie Ford said, "I think it will help a lot. Work is getting done, it needed it. Ya, but It's just a hassle. I'll be glad when it's over."

Todd said each work zone should be completed on or before October 15. He said he hopes drivers will pay attention, take their time and drive alternative routes over the holiday. He said the road improvements in Lyon County should last for fifteen years.