Using "Text a Tip" to help fight crime


Reporter- Briana Conner
Photographer- David Dycus

MAYFIELD, Ky.—  The newest way to fight crime is at your fingertips. Now, you can text police about ongoing crimes, bullying, or even weapons threats on school campuses.

 "Text a Tip" is a new initiative by Kentucky State Police to encourage people to come forward with any information they have without giving away their identity. Once the text is sent... all the police see is the message.

 "It's just another avenue for them to report something anonymously and stay totally out of the picture without having to give their name and stuff," said Trooper Jay Thomas with KSP. The text-lines opened on Monday.

KSP asks you to send them tips about ongoing crimes, an idea aimed at the younger generation.  "They don't talk, they text. So we felt this was a good way to get information to us is by texting," said Trooper Thomas.

All you need is a cell phone with a data plan. In the "To" field, type in 67283. In the body of the text, write out "KSPTIP" Leave a space, and then report the crime.

If you are going to text a tip, troopers ask that you refrain from doing it from behind the wheel. Trooper Thomas said, "If you're driving your car and you want to text a tip to us, we suggest that you pull your car over and place it in park before you try to text us in a safe place."

Once the message is sent, you should get a confirmation text back from the police. Then, your work is done.  "Their information will be sent to a server and then stripped of their information before it's sent out to the KSP post for the area. We will not be able to contact that person back," said Trooper Thomas. 

The "Text a Tip" program is already cutting down on crime across the nation in neighborhoods and schools. Trooper Thomas said, "I think it's gonna be very beneficial for us. It should help us solve some crimes."

"Text a Tip" is monitored 24/7, but should not be used to replace 911 in the case of an emergency. The program is just one more way to get police the information they need to solve ongoing crimes.