Video game craze can cost big bucks


Reporter - Marissa Hollowed
Photographer - David Dycus

PADUCAH - Movies can make insane amounts of money, but video games are quickly becoming a rival when it comes to cashing in. Video games are costly when you factor in the system, games, and accessories.

Gamer's Paradise in Southside Paducah has been open for five years, and they are growing each year. They sell gaming systems, controllers, retro, and new games.

One of the gamers this store appeals to is Matt Brown, who says he has about 250 games ranging from shooters to dancing. He estimates that he has spent roughly $10,000 on his gaming consoles, games, and accessories. He is going to college as a full time student and is also working a full time job. Brown says video games give him a way to relax.

However, for another gamer, it is a way to get active. Zak Jarrett  has hemophilia, a bleeding disorder that limits his physical activity. A small cut or a bruise could cause him to bleed to death. His parents say that video games allow him to do things he can't normally do.

Zak's games and equipment cost roughly 7 to 8 thousand dollars, but his parents say it is worth every penny they spend.

One the major reasons that gaming is garnering u so many dollars is that the demographic of customers is changing.

The guys at Gamer's Paradise tell us they've seen everyone from little kids to grandparents buying games.