Three day standoff in Johnson County, Illinois ends, two people arrested


Reporter - Kathryn DiGisi
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ill. - A three-day standoff in a southern Illinois has ended with the arrest of two people.

Illinois State Police tell Local 6 they arrested 79-year-old Charles F. Averitt and 74-year-old Clarence E. Averitt just after they left a home on Old Cypress Road.

Both men barricaded themselves inside the home Saturday after police responded to a domestic disturbance there.

Over the course of three days, ISP deployed its SWAT unit and crisis negotiators to the scene to deal with the situation.  Both men surrendered around 5:15 Tuesday evening.

Both men were charged with aggravated assault to a peace officer and were taken to the Massac County Jail after their arrests.

The investigation continues.

Earlier story:OHNSON COUNTY, Ill. - A standoff on a quiet street in Vienna has lasted three days.

Vienna resident Dallas Harner says typically, this is a rural, sleepy area.

"Nothin' ever goes on out here, you know?," said Harner.

Harner says he grew up with the man who has locked himself in his home on Cypress Drive.

"He ain't got a mean bone in his body," said Harner.

Harner says, if deputies would let him, he would walk right up himself and knock on the door.

He says if there is one thing he would want his friend to know...

"Everybody out there is not out there to hurt him," said Harner.

It's that help that's just outside his door.

Deputies told Local 6 that the Sheriff has begun to take other calls, but checks back up on the progress of the standoff periodically.