Vistain enters Alford Plea to disorderly conduct charge


Mason Stevenson

CARBONDALE, Ill. - A Jackson County, Illinois woman charged with felony disorderly conduct for claiming she was sexually assaulted entered an Alford Plea Friday.

Accoriding to a news release from the Jackson County State's Attorney, a judge sentenced 29-year-old Melisa B. Vistain to 12 months court supervision and ordered her to pay a $450 fine.

In March of 2012, Vistain told police that someone sexually assaulted her.  After investigating, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and the Murphysboro Police Department found the claim to be untrue.

A defendent who enters an Alford Plea admits there is enough evidence to support a guilty verdict from a jury.

WPSD Local 6 does not normally name a person making a complaint of sexual assault.  However, Vistain was charged with a felony, and her name was used in a news release from the Jackson County State's Attorney.