WKCTC President speaks on test score problems


Web Editor - Trevor Wilson

PADUCAH, Ky - The Adult Education Program, which is run by West Kentucky Community and Technical College, will lose the money it's earned over the past three years because of the recent test tampering incident. That amount is $120,000 from 2009 to 2011.

President of WKCTC, Dr. Barbara Veazey said the tabe test scores are tied to grant money.  She couldn't say how long the test tampering was going on. The investigation was into the last three years.

Since the investigation is now a personnel issue, school leaders can't say who might have been responsible or what their consequences might be.  Dr. Veazey says it's a very serious matter and it will be handled quickly.

Students who took the "TABE Test" this year won't have to retake it. If the program is awarded grant money because of improvements this year, it won't have to be surrendered.