Paducah couple ties the knot at Brooks Stadium


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PADUCAH, KY -- In the year they have been together, baseball has played a big role in Nick and Amy Williams' relationship.

"We love the game," Amy said. "I played when I was younger and so did Nick."

"Our first big weekend trip together was to St. Louis, where we went to a game," Nick said.

So when it came time to plan a wedding, it was Amy's idea to do it at Brooks Stadium.

"I can't believe I found a woman who wanted to have a wedding on a baseball field," said Nick. "I am so blessed."

"Usually, if I ever have an idea, he is in agreement," Amy said. "He was mostly surprised because he had never heard of a wedding on a baseball field before."

Attending a wedding at a baseball field was a first for everyone, but they all agreed that it fits the couple.

"It was really cool," Seth Ladley said, who is a close friend. "You never see this very often."

"Both of them love baseball," said Amanda Wallace, another close friend. "He is a Yankees fan and she is a fan of the Cardinals. They are a house divided, and it was fun planning the wedding."

But most of the time they are on the same page.

"We are a team unit," Amy said. "You have to be in order to get each other up in the morning and go about your day."

"Since I met her, my life is different and gets me excited about our future," Nick said. "And more baseball."

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