Well-known high school basketball power visits local children


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PADUCAH, KY-- For middle schoolers, there's nothing better than a game of pick-up basketball during the school day. Even if it's against high schoolers twice their size and nationally ranked, like Huntington Prep out of West Virginia.

"You hear how tall they are, and it's a lot different seein them in person," says 8th grader Cameron Wilson. "You have to look up and talk to them, it's just a lot different."

After the action, Huntington Prep took the time to chat with students about being a solid student athlete, and there's one key point every player talked about.

"Academics, that's the biggest part of school," admitted Huntington Prep senior Jaquan Lyle. "You have to get on top of that, it's probably the biggest jump from middle school to high school."

"I thought that sports would get me further in life than school would, but I'm all wrong," said 8th grader Cameron Langston. "I'm taking academics more seriously now."

Reidland students took the message to hear, and wouldn't let their new role models leave without saying thank you.

"It was great seeing our kids interact with them," said Huntington Prep assistant coach David Meddings. "Because everybody forgets that our kids are kids, and that's one of the biggest things we stress, we let them be kids. But you know we're business on the court, but there's times when they're still kids."

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