What The Tech: Bitcoins and Baby Sculptures


Web Editor - Nick Miller

PADUCAH - Bitcoins, a new form of internet currency being traded around the world, are becoming something hard to ignore. An Atlanta-based company who keeps track of all things bitcoin says more than 10,000 merchants are now accepting the currency for payment.

The NBA is now accepting them. The Sacramento Kings announced that fans can pay for tickets online and pay for merchandise in the team's fan store.  In addition to the Kings, Overstock is taking the currency.

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If you've ever had the pleasure of bringing a baby into the world, you know how exciting it is to see the first sonogram of little feet, little hands, and the tiny face. A company named 3-D Babies will turn your baby's first glamour shot into a sculpture. They will take a sonogram, scan it, and print an actual model of your unborn bundle of joy, all for the cost of $600.

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You need to be careful using the word 'candy' from now on. The developers of the insanely popular app "Candy Crush Saga" have trademarked the word 'candy'. The trademark covers apps and games, and Apple is reportedly sending notices to the makers of other apps that have the word 'candy' in them.

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If you're the person who likes to take photos with your iPhone, but don't want anyone to know about it, you're in luck. There is a product called 'The Mirror Case', which is a normal case with a mirror built in that catches your subject and reflects it in your phone's camera. It is designed for iPhones and iPads. The cases cost $80.