What the Tech: Amazon sells food?


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts
Reporter - Jamey Tucker

If you hate those long lines at the supermarket, you may love the idea of shopping from home.

One of the biggest retailers in the world is now competing with Wal-Mart and Kroger.
You can buy almost anything at Amazon. but did you know you can buy food?
Non-perishables and other kitchen goods are offered by Amazon, delivered right to your door.
Amazon's mobile app was recently updated to make shopping for groceries a lot easier.
Say you've got an empty box of Raisin Bran cereal in your pantry, using the app's new "Flow" option, simply aim your camera at the box, not the bar code, just the box.
The Amazon app can see what it is, and put a new box in your shopping cart. simple as that.
Click buy now, and a box of Raisin Bran will show up at your door.
This is where Amazon's new drones could be a factor. Imagine a flying Pop Tart-carrying quadcopter dropping off the things to fill your pantry.
Is there a catch?
You bet there's a catch.
That Raisin Bran cereal? Same size box costs $47.70 cents. Plus, get this, $23 in shipping.
Kellogg's Pop Tarts that cost maybe $2 in stores, is for sale at Amazon for $60 plus $15 in shipping.
In other ridiculous prices: a cake mix for $15, a box of Luzianne ice tea for $35, even one roll of Glad cling plastic wrap for $111, plus $5 shipping
Well...apparently it is a mistake. Checking Amazon online, the same box of raisin bran is $3.71, but you have to pay $6 for shipping.