What's Going Around - Week of Jan. 22nd


Web Editor - Nick Miller

Sore throats, ear infections, and bronchitis. That is just the beginning of what doctors are seeing in the Local 6 area. Here's a look at what's going around.

Dr. Wiliam Conyer at Baptist Health Prime Care in Paducah reports seeing cases of the flu and viral gastroenteritis.

Dr. Gregory Cox from Fulton, Kentucky reports viral upper respiratory infections, influenza, and bronchitis.

Dr. William Robinson of Murray Medical Associates in seeing sore throats with several positive strep throat cases, sinus infections, ear infections, and viral pneumonia.

Nurse Practitioner Rhonda Darnell, at Marshall County Family Medical, is seeing bronchitis, sore throats, and respiratory infections.

Dr. Brian Harrison in Benton, Illinois says influenza continues to be the main problem in his office.