Woman sets out to save son's memorial park


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Jason Thomasson

CALVERT CITY, Ky. -- A local city commissioner says he wants to see major changes at the city skate park before investing any more of your money.

A woman trying  to save the park, named after her late son, says any problems with the 'Chris Bynum Skate Park' in Calvert City, Kentucky are blown out of proportion.

The mayor said in June the park board wanted to take fifty thousand dollars to redo the basketball court and expand it to this area.

They wanted to disassemble the skate park equipment and put it in storage until they find another place for it.

But a mother fighting to save the skatepark fears if it's ever taken apart it'll never be put back together.

A popular personality, Chris Bynum's radio listeners hung on to his every word.

His political stint as city councilman was cut short, his voice silenced after a fatal ATV accident.

Neeta Hale lost her son. Now, nearly ten years later she's fighting to keep one of the things Bynum left behind.

"It hurts, it hurts for a number of reasons. you wonder if it was somebody else's son would it be the same," Hale said.

"Those are taxpayer dollars we're spending," City Councilman Doctor Rick Cocke said.

The city's decision to temporarily take down the park was made solely for safety's sake and with the city's taxpayer's in mind.

"For the city council to budget money to improve the skateboard park or move the skateboard park at this point for the problems that exist for the last nine years is not good use of the taxpayer money," Cocke said.

Cocke said problems with the park include skaters not wearing helmets, not following the rules, and fighting.

Hale said she'll work hard to change all that, to save the park her son never lived to see.

The police chief said there have not been many problems and he's not concerned about mischief or crime at the park.