Springfield family upset with mistaken bond raid


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) - Springfield police are investigating to
determine why bail bond agents raided the wrong house, stunning a
couple and their three teenage children.
The bond agents were looking for Andrew J. Hegger, who had
escaped from a Eureka jail while awaiting trial on DWI charges.
Allen and Roberta Cox say the bail bond agents, dressed like
SWAT team members, burst into their home on Nov. 1 with guns drawn
and demanded to know "where Andrew was."
They say they had never seen Hegger before but sent agents to a
neighbor's home after one of the bondsmen mentioned the woman's
The Coxes say the agents pointed guns at their children and left
Allen Cox with a possible fractured rib. They say they are waiting
to see if the agents will be charged.
The agents eventually tracked down Hegger and he is back in the
Eureka city jail.