H1N1 evokes Spanish Flu epidemic


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ST. LOUIS (AP) - The H1N1 epidemic is evoking memories of the Spanish Flu of the early 20th century.

A recent story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recalls some of the moves made by local leaders to stem the epidemic. Local pages
back then reported how Mayor Henry Kiel ordered the closure of schools, churches, theaters and other places where crowds could
spread the flu.

Eventually, the order was extended to taverns, tobacco shops, department stores and other businesses.

But nothing could keep the streets quiet on Monday, Nov. 11, when news flashed of the armistice in Europe during World War I.

For that moment, people forgot about the epidemic.

Soon the virus spent itself. Eventually, the St. Louis death toll of 1,703 equaled 2.8 for each 1,000 residents - the lowest
among major American cities.