How you can volunteer to help clean up Brookport


Web Editor - Nick Miller

BROOKPORT, Ill. - The Massac County Emergency Management Office is inviting anyone who wishes to volunteer to aid those displaced by the Brookport tornado to report for duty tomorrow morning.

Anyone wanting to volunteer for helping in the recovery efforts should be at the old Veaches Gas Station, or Smallman’s Restaurant, beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning to get registered. You will receive an armband that identifies you as an official volunteer worker. There is no training required, just a safety briefing.

You will be issued assignments where work is needed the most. You will be shuttled to the effected area; parking is allowed at Veaches.

You are asked to wear appropriate clothing for working: long pants, boots, and clothes that will keep you warm. Work gloves are suggested. There is a possibility of rain for the next few days so you are asked to bring a raincoat.

No contract work will be done until Thursday. Those that have equipment will be assigned an appropriate job.