Power companies asking customers to cut back


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photographer - Mason Watkins

PADUCAH - As a result of sub-freezing temperatures, power companies have been sending out requests for customers to cut back on their power usage.

The Tennessee Valley Authority issued the request through tomorrow afternoon to ensure that there are no blackouts. The TVA can normally pull power from other parts of the country which are not under such power strains, but because the cold weather is so widespread, there's no other place to get it from.

It doesn't seem like one household cutting back can contribute very much, but if enough houses decide to cut back, it can really make a difference.

However, there are some places that can't afford to cut back, like the Escape Bed and Breakfast in Paducah.

"We can't lower the standards. I can't make it 60 degrees in here and I just can't let the hot tub be 70 degrees. That would save money, but it won't be comfortable, " said Robert Garcia, owner of the Escape Bed and Breakfast.

There may not be a ot the owners can do about saving money on the side their guests stay in, but they do try to make up the difference on the side that they live in. Garcia says he will cut back where he can tonight by holding off on things like laundry.

Cutting back on power won't just help the electric companies, but it will help your wallet, too.