Target under fire again with faulty gift cards


WPSD Reporters

MARION, Ill.  Target store are under fire again, this time with faulty gift cards to blame.

You may have seen national headlines warning you that the Target gift card you gave or received this holiday season might not work.

Some of the gift cards were printed with two bar codes instead of one, so if a Target team member accidentally swipes the wrong bar code, this the card deactivates."

The gift card debacle is happening not only during a prime shopping time, but also just two weeks after Target's major security breech where debit card information was vulnerable.


Target officials told Local 6 that so far, less than 1% of the gift cards are malfunctioning, but it is enough to have shoppers concerned that they might not be able to leave with the clothes, toys and electronics that Target is famous for.

Local 6 reached out to Target's corporate office and they gave us this statement which reads in part:

"We are very pleased that this is being broadcast. We want our shoppers to know that their gift cards will be honored to the full amount."