E-F 2 tornado confirmed in storm that killed three


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins
Executive Producer - Josh Morgan

Producer's Note: We now have the names of the three people that were killed in the storm.  They are Loy Miller, 70, Jasper Miller, 50 and Randy Miller, 48. This is a father and his two sons.

DIEHLSTADT, Mo.---Local 6 arrived on scene as the coroner removed the victims from the rubble, meanwhile neighbors gathered in disbelief.

The front porch is the only thing left standing. 

"Worst I ever seen," neighbor Cindy Groves said.

Groves was right next door when the storm came through.

"It came within seconds, it was here so fast," Groves said.

And within seconds her friend, who lived next door was gone.

"We started hollering for them, and we tried to find them, we called 911 and told them that the trailer was gone and there was people in it and we needed rescue as soon as possible," Groves said.

Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter said it was very hard to get to the incident scene.  He had to drive through fields just to get there.

"Couple different roads were actually blocked with power lines that were broke off and sitting right in the middle of the road," Walter said.

Walter said properties throughout Diehlstadt are damaged. For two hours seven roads were blocked by trees and power lines, and power was out at nearly 12-hundred homes.
But that didn't stop neighbors from lending a hand.
Groves just wishes she had a chance to say goodbye to hers.

The Scott County Sheriff said all the roads have re-opened.  The names of the three victims have not yet been released.