Too many students, not enough room


Reporter - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - Jeff Pierce

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — No vacancy here. A situation that's normally good for a local university is a real problem right now: too many students.

The problem is Southeast Missouri State University is running out of rooms, so the university announced Friday they'll defer new applicants who live outside a 50-mile radius of Cape Girardeau until spring 2012.

The university has 120 more students who need housing compared to this time last year and the applications keep coming in. They said they have two options: cram lots of students into the rooms they have or make the procrastinators wait until spring. They chose deferring because that affects fewer students.

"It's a good problem, but yes it's a problem in the sense that the demand for on campus housing has basically met our supply," said Dr. Bruce Skinner, The director of residence life. "We didn't want to put students in lounges or have bunks in the student rec center and no two-person room converted into three, nothing that radical."

The University also stopped offering private rooms. Last year there were 70. This year, only three and they were all given to graduate students.

The deadline to complete the admission process and submit the $150 housing deposit and contract is July 8.