What the Tech: The Elio


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts
Reporter - Jamey Tucker

 It seems cars are getting bigger and bigger every year.

But now, a new car company is getting ready to introduce a vehicle like none before.

Cars aren't often talked about in these consumer technology segments, but then again it isn't very often that a car gets 84 miles to the gallon!

It's the Elio- an unusual-looking car about to hit the highways with equally unusual features.

"Our claim to fame is that it gets 84 miles to the gallon; we anticipate a 5-star crash rating, and the sticker price is $6,800.

Talk about sticker shock. This prototype goes against everything Americans love about cars.

"We like big vehicles and we like them for a reason we buy the SUV to tow the boat on th weekend or take the entire family to church, but we don't need it all the time.

The problem with the small car is they're supposed to save you gas, but they don't save you enough gas to save you money.

The Elio has three wheels, two up front, and one in the rear- kind of like backwards three-wheeler. There's only one door and two seats- one in front, one in back.

That's the secret to the gas mileage. At highway speeds most of your fuel goes to moving air so by sitting front to back it's half as wide so you get half as much air so you get double the mileage.

But it is odd looking compared to every other car on the road. Sort of like a rocket. But Elio claims the Elio doesn't topple over, and is as safe as most every other car in a collision.

Elio says that's because of the long nose.

The problem isn't going from 60-90. We do that every day. It's how long does it take you, and with more space between you and what you're impacting, the longer it takes for it all to collapse.

They anticipate a 5-star crash rating, but the two numbers that stand out... is the 84 miles to the gallon... and the price3.

$6,800! Impressive. 

Production is set to begin in 2015.