What's Going Around - Week of Feb. 12th


Web Editor - Nick Miller
Reporter - Johnette Worak

The flu is still around in the Local 6 region, but some other bugs are beginning to show up more. Here's a look at what doctors are seeing in our area.

Dr. Richard Crouch of Murray Medical Associates is seeing ice related injuries, mostly people falling. He is also seeing some upper respiratory infections and a stomach virus, but he also said he's seeing fewer cases of the flu.

Dr. John Tveite of Marshall County Family Medical is seeing sinusitis, a stomach virus, and lots of sore throats. He is also seeing less influenza cases.

Dr. Gregory Cox in Fulton, Kentucky reports some viral upper respiratory infections and strep throat.

Dr. David Saxon at Baptist Prime Care in Paducah reports that he is seeing pink eye and a stomach virus.

Nurse Practitioner Lance Williamson at Redicare reports some sinus infections and a stomach virus.

Dr. John Brazzell at KentuckyCare Bardwell and Paducah is treating strep throat, pneumonia, several viral upper respiratory infections, and a stomach virus.

Dr. Brian Harrison is Benton, Illinois says his office still has a lot of influenza cases and sinus infections.