AP NewsMinute 7:51 A.M. CST - US quake effort...Americans leaving...Moderate inflation


WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. Army says its Haitian earthquake
relief effort is under way. Lt. Gen Ken Keen tells ABC that more
than 300 American military personnel have arrived in Haiti to help
"push out" badly needed relief supplies to earthquake survivors.
He says "much more support" is on the way.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. ambassador to Haiti says his embassy
is doing its best but has no way to check on the 40,000 or more
Americans estimated to be in the country when the quake struck.
About 450 Americans have been evacuated since Tuesday's disaster.
Ambassador Kenneth Merten tells NBC that "a steady stream" of
U.S. citizens has been showing up at the airport and embassy
seeking help leaving the country.

WASHINGTON (AP) - An inflation rate of just one tenth of one
percent in December leaves the rate for all of 2009 at a modest 2.7
percent. A surge in energy prices last year offset the biggest drop
in food costs in nearly a half century.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama and congressional
Democrats stand within days -- if not hours -- of striking final
deals on a health care overhaul. They met at the White House into
the early morning hours and plan to meet again today.

WASHINGTON (AP) - As many as eight U.S. Army officers could face
punishment for not responding properly to the erratic behavior of
the Fort Hood shooting suspect. The Pentagon is releasing the
results of an inquiry into the shootings later today. Thirteen
people were killed in the November rampage.