AP NewsMinute 6:44 a.m. CST - Jobs and reassurance in Obama message...Wilson promises to be good


WASHINGTON (AP) - Two themes are expected to be a big part of
President Barack Obama's first State of the Union message. One will
be to reassure millions of Americans that he understands their
economic struggles. The other will involve trying to convince
people that he is working to change Washington even though he is
still working within its old political ways. He'll hit job creation
and the economy hard.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South
Carolina says you won't hear a peep out of him at tonight's State
of the Union address. After calling President Barack Obama a liar
during his last speech to Congress, Wilson says he'll be on his
best behavior. He says he's been getting plenty of ribbing from his
family and colleagues.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama will have fast trains
on his mind tomorrow, but it won't be for getting out of town after
delivering his State of the Union address. Obama intends to award
$8 billion in stimulus funds to develop high-speed rail corridors
and sell the program as a jobs creator.

LONDON (AP) - Propping up a fragile Yemen is on the minds of
about 20 world leaders meeting in London today, including Secretary
of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. They're expected to announce the
formation of a Friends of Yemen group to offer pledges aimed at
bolstering Yemen's faltering economy and strengthening efforts to
tackle a rising threat from al-Qaida.

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) - Auschwitz survivors are marking the 65th
anniversary of the former Nazi death camp's liberation. Many have
been gathering at the site today, bundled against the cold and
snow. Some survivors have brought their grown children to honor the
millions of people killed by the Nazis. Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu will be joining Polish leaders in commemorative