AP NewsMinute 14:55 p.m. CST - Jackson family arrives...John Murtha dies...Prius recall coming


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Members of Michael Jackson's family have
arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse where prosecutors earlier
announced they had charged Jackson's doctor with involuntary
manslaughter. Jackson's father said he is "looking for justice."
Dr. Conrad Murray is expected to surrender later today. He's
accused of failing to exercise the proper caution in administering
a powerful sedative to Jackson before his death.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Longtime Pennsylvania congressman John
Murtha has died. He was the first Vietnam War combat veteran
elected to Congress -- a member of the Marine Reserves when he was
elected -- and more recently was an outspoken and influential
critic of the Iraq War. Murtha, who recently had gallbladder
surgery, was 77 when he died today in suburban Washington.

TOKYO (AP) - Hundreds of thousands of Prius hybrids around the
world are reportedly about to be recalled. News reports in Japan
say Toyota will notify authorities tomorrow in Japan -- and
possibly the U.S. as well. The recall would involve brake problems
on the newest version of the Prius, sold since May of last year.

WASHINGTON (AP) - People who were stranded in the nation's
capital by a powerful winter storm are starting to find a way out.
At Reagan National Airport, the number of "on time" flights on
the departure board is now greater than the number of canceled
ones. But some people report being charged far more than normal for
a ride to the airport. Meanwhile, a foot or more of new snow could
start arriving tomorrow.

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) - Search-and-rescue crews say part of a
power plant that was the scene of a deadly explosion yesterday is
too unstable for search efforts today. But it's a mission that
appears less urgent, now that officials say everyone who was
assigned to work there yesterday has been accounted for. That would
leave the death toll at five.