AP NewsMinute 11:56 a.m. CST - Pressure is on...Fatal attack...Mistress talks


WASHINGTON (AP) - The pressure is on wavering Democratic House
members, as party leaders push for a vote within days on health
care overhaul. Advisers said over the weekend they're confident of
passage, even though a top House Democrats says the votes aren't
there yet. President Barack Obama is campaigning again for the plan
today in Ohio.

KABUL (AP) - One person is dead after a rocket attack on the
largest U.S. military hub in Afghanistan. NATO isn't saying whether
the victim was a civilian or a service member. Meanwhile,
authorities in eastern Afghanistan have prevented three would-be
suicide bombers from attacking a security post.

BERLIN (AP) - Pope Benedict's former diocese in Germany says it
has suspended a priest who was convicted in 1986 of sexually
abusing minors, and it has accepted the resignation of his
superior. Benedict served as archbishop there from 1977 to 1986
before being called to Rome. The Vatican has denounced what it says
are efforts to try to connect him to the growing scandal involving
pedophile priests in Germany.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - She says they are still in love. John
Edwards' mistress, Rielle (ree-EHL') Hunter, is talking about their
affair to GQ magazine -- an affair she says ended in 2008 and
turned into something "different." She also says Edwards is a
great father who wants to be there full-time for their daughter.

ATLANTA (AP) - Continental Airlines says it expects to save $35
million a year by cutting out the free hamburgers, barbecue and
sandwich rolls for many of its passengers. It's moving instead to a
food-for-sale program that mirrors what other carriers are already